Ancient Temples in Bhubaneswar

Last Sunday I took a tour of the major temples in Bhubaneswar (at least the ones in the Lonely Planet).  They are beautiful!  Wish I could have gone inside, though…. If a temple has a red flag on top, it is “Live”, and only Hindus can enter.  The ‘dead’ temples (archeological sites) allow visitors to enter.

Lngaraj Mandir – 54m high- dedicated to Tribhuvaneswar (Lord of the three worlds), from 1090.  Non-Hindus aren’t allowed in 😦 but they have a viewing platform I could stand on and take pictures, after making a donation.  My Lonely Planet says “The granite block, representing Tribhuvaneswar, is bathed daily with water, milk, and marijuana”. ?


Jess on the viewing platform:


Statue outside the temple:


Pile of trash being burned right outside the temple- look at all that inorganic carbon! The “trash” was mainly coconut rinds from offerings people made at the temple.  It was just all piled and then lit on fire.  Very, very, stinky fire.


Here’s the main gate to the temple (below). There is a long line of people waiting to enter, and the people seated in the foreground are begging.  Love the guard caught mid-yawn, and the two guard’s identical leg positions.


Bindu Sagar. – this tank is supposed to contain water from every holy stream, pool, and tank in India.Unfortunately, it was like one giant algae bloom.


Parsurameswar Mandir – Shiva teample from around AD 640.  Also not allowed in, so went on the roof of a neighboring building.


There’s a tank outside the temple where women bathe in clothes (far left) and men bathe in just an underwear wrap (far right).


Mukteswar Mandir – one of the most ornate temples in Bhubaneswar, full of intricate carvings.


Another temple – either Siddheswar or Kedargauri Mandir.


Raja Rani Mandir – Nagarani (snake queen!) carvings




5 thoughts on “Ancient Temples in Bhubaneswar

  1. the photo of the painting is of (one of) the trans Hindu deities, which is kinda awesome. I recognized the image but had to look the name up cause I forgot what it was: Ardhanarisvara. neat!


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