to sleep, or not to sleep

(post from several days ago…)

if you’ve traveled in developing countries before in backpacker-class, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the hotel I stayed at when I was in the field falls into the category of “establishments where locking the bathroom door is a must if you wish to avoid having giant sewer rats exploring under your bed”.  Or potentially on top of your bed, if they have a way to get up.  Thankfully, after one giant-rat-under-bed incident on my last trip to India, I’ve adopted proactive bathroom door lockage.  In fact, this trip to India has been chock full of preventative measures: 2 pepto bismol chew tablets before any questionable meal (coats the stomach to prevent pathogen penetration), first time using a bed net nightly, telling people I don’t drink milk tea as soon as they get a tea-making gleam in their eye, etc.

In case you aren’t familiar with this type of establishment, here’s my room:


I’m not a complete supporter of the bed’s architecture, seeing as the 2 inch compressed straw mattress provided no buffer for the gaps in the bed boards and the fact that the bed boards had quite uneven heights.  This created an exciting sleeping environment wherein my butt was several inches higher than my head and feet and allowed me to fully appreciate how nice it is to sleep on even surfaces on the nights of the year when I’m not in this bed. 


Since this place has an Indian toilet, I voted it lowest-class-hotel-where-I’ve-stayed in India.  But it was great to be on the same hall as the team of surveyors and as long as I don’t have bed bugs I will make do.  

3 thoughts on “to sleep, or not to sleep

  1. Very glad no photo of any uninvited Giant Rat. My imagination is providing super scary image already.
    At least you are not sleeping on floor?

    • it was better than the floor. and it’s always a fun game in these type of situations to make a list of all the ways things could be worse 😉

      i ended up putting a bunch of my clothes underneath me to help even the situation out.


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