8 thoughts on “Drive to the Field (video)

  1. omg that was almost like a video game, so intense! you were so calm as the driver wove around bikers and buses. such pretty landscape, what kind of stuff do the farmers grow in those fields? do you know?

    • Yes, the use of the horn by Indian drivers is in great contrast to the use of the horn by American drivers! THere was a lot of rice growing in the fields (it was harvest time) and some smaller crops of mixed veg, too.

      • ooo that is cool. i can’t even imagine the food there, though I know you said it gets old after a while cause a lot of it is the same. i would think there is a lot of yummy fruit to eat that tastes amazing though.

  2. Liberal use of the Horn! As in…I will drive on either side of the road (?) but use the horn to warn others of my imminent approaching. Sit back and enjoy the ride. (seat belts?).

    • When I’m in the front seat going to the field (and if there isn’t another girl sharing the seat with me) I can generally wear a seat belt, but the back seat has never had one (the cars have them, but the buckles are buried in the seat). Its a law that drivers wear one, though! I still reach for a seat belt every time I get in the car.


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