Still here, but gone soon

I leave for my second trip to India on Tuesday. ¬†Much to do before the trip – pick up D batteries for the air pumps, fittings for the rotameters (which measure air flow into the pumps), contact my health insurance company, and fill my anti-malarial prescription… among many.

Filled with anticipation. ¬†Even though I’ve been before, I still feel a cocktail of nervousness, excitement, fear, and joy bubbling in my stomach.

This time, I:

  • know a bit more Hindi.
  • will be traveling to a new part of the country
  • know what to expect when I get off the plane
  • will have the right clothes
  • know I can handle the challenges to come
  • am leading fieldwork, rather than an intern under a local field team
  • am part of a potential solution (a plan to improve environment, health, and livelihood (aka, our research))

This time, I mean business.